8 Life Changing Words
The 8 Words That WILL Change Your Life

     This FREE downloadable file is a 55 minute presentation and listening to it is life altering.  It is a prerequisite for the  Impact Language workshops presented by Joyce and for coaching clients.  All workshops and coaching will build from this basic foundation.

   This presentation is packed with information about how you create your life experiences on an everyday concrete level.  As you listen to the audio file, The Eight Words That Will Change Your Life, you will hear the compelling story of how we discovered the eight magic words and you will learn many amazing ways to use them in your life.

"This morning...I put on my remote headphones and intuitively clicked to open your audio file.  And for the next hour I just had a blast hanging out with you and your story and your wonderful discoveries.  I thoroughly enjoyed your authentic friendly manner.  I learned a lot that I am using right away.  I am sure that you receive many smiling responses from folks as they discover how EASY a real life can be when you know what to do.  Thank you, Joyce, for knowing what to do and DOING IT!"                                  Happy Listener in California 

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