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This site supports awareness of ourselves as
the Conscious Creator of our experience... 

 and then expanding to conscious mastery of our creator role in all areas of our lives. 


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Conscious mastery of creatorship in ALL the possible areas of our lives is a very big goal.  It encompasses relationships, money, parenting, personal health, community, environment, planetary health, governments, crime, and so much more – it is essentially the achieving of your personal heaven-on-earth.  Every part of our life experience that causes us pain is a call to expand our conscious creator skill into those areas. 

Whatever area of life you dream of improving, conscious creator principles are required to bring about that change.   First, read or listen to a completely free 55 minute introduction to Creatorship called, “The Eight Words That Will Change Your Life.” click the 8 Magic Words Audio, or  8WordsTranscript

On this site and in our business we have chosen to focus our support on the creating of a personal Heaven-On-Earth experience.  Heaven-on-Earth will function with a fully sustainable lifestyle – a lifestyle created from love of all of life.  Our unsustainable lifestyle of consumerism feeds all of the branches of life experience that cause us pain. 

The tab, "Colorado Kins Domains," is about a private community forming project.  The Kins Domain communities are about restoring our lifestyle to one that is harmonious with Nature and all of life.  The current lifestyle of most people is life-destructive to one degree or another, and many of us are hearing the call to create ever more sustainable and life supporting lifestyles. We call our little settlement, Little Dirt Road.

If you are interested in finding other groups or people that are forming kin'sdomains and settlements check out www.kindomains.com

The menu tab, "Transition" is a blog journaling our personal transition from unsustainable living to a sustainable lifestyle as well as our transition from living alone on our 80 acres in the country to building a personal kin's domain as part of a community of kin's domains.  The mental transition began in the Fall of 2007.  The actual physical transition began in June of 2013 when we purchased undeveloped land in south central Colorado.  Sign up for our newsletter to get notifications of the blog posts

"Valuable Links" is a very large list of links to sites and resources that help our site visitors with research and tools for creating a more sustainable and love based lifestyle.


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