Colorado Kins Domains

Will You Repeat Your Programming As Temporary Caretakers on The Land, Building Your Temporary Dream Life, Or Will You Instead Create Something On Your Land For Eternity?

Welcome to Colorado Kin's Domains 
where we are changing our relationship with the Earth, ourselves and each other. 

"Let what is negative be pressed into service on behalf of good." 
(Who Are We? - Ringing Cedars Series book 5, pg15)

With our thoughts and actions we are forming a community in Colorado for the purpose of demonstrating an infinitely sustainable lifestyle based on the Vedruss Culture as presented in The Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megré.  We have also taken inspiration from many of Tom Brown Jr.'s  books, and The Continuum Concept by Jean Leidloff.   

These books all present various versions of a lifestyle based on a conscious and honoring relationship with Nature, Self and Others.  I would call such an experience, Paradise on Earth.

If you are inspired and awakened by the Vedruss lifestyle and culture as described in the Ringing Cedars Books and are drawn to explore and demonstrate a lifestyle based on them, you are invited to get to know us and explore our solutions to the problematic issues of our modern commercial lifestyle and culture.  

 Colorado Kin's Domains is the organization of many people who contributed to ultimately finding Charisma, the place where we live and are building a community.   Language of Attraction is the name of another website where we offer books we've written in the past. 

The Aim of This Webpage is to: 

Provide clear information to assist people searching for a kin's domain community, to determine if our community plan and dream is a fit for them and their family.

Share links and information about our process which may be helpful to others inside or outside Colorado wanting to transition to a Vedruss Culture community lifestyle.

CKD Mission:
Colorado Kin's Domains exists for the purpose of creating a sustainable "kin's domain" settlement in Colorado that is dynamic, powerful and life altering to the residents and the surrounding communities near and far, demonstrating the Vedruss Culture and lifestyle similar to one or more of the models presented in the Ringing Cedars Books.

Kin: Family, both present, past and future

Domain: About 2.5 to 5 acres of land that each family designs and stewards in support of family and Nature.

  Charisma Mission  : Reconnect with Nature and Self, restore the Vedruss Culture and a lifestyle of co-creation with Nature and each other to create a Paradise Garden community.

Colorado Kins Domains was originally conceived in the Fall of 2007.  Grant funding was actively pursued and although grants were awarded they were never funded.  The activity towards the dream of Colorado Kins Domains has been continuous since 2007 although group planning meetings were discontinued for a while.  During that time of no group meetings much research was completed to discover ways to structure the community/settlement so that its formation and kins domain lifestyles would be unhindered and successful.  Also much inner research and re-structuring was done to allow the dream to become our reality.

At present, the reality is taking form on 80 acres of land in South Central Colorado.  The land is called Charisma, and has the St. Charles River running through it in a 100' deep canyon.  At the upper level it is grass meadows, juniper trees, scrub oak, squaw berry bushes, mountain mahogany bushes with some ponderosa pine, pinyon pine, choya and prickly pear cactus sprinkled throughout. In the canyon and the draws leading down to the canyon there are dense forests of juniper, ponderosa, oak, mountain mahogany, tamarac, and more with a small spring at the bottom near the river.  The river runs through a wide meadow between two 100' sandstone and quartz walls. This Land's name, Charisma was self-chosen.

The river is lined with small to large ponds, some of which are home to turtles as large as 24" long and 18" wide.  We have wild turkeys that jump off the top of the cliff in the evening, spread their wings and glide to the valley floor below to roost for the night.  Around, under and on the gorgeous rock fields are lizards, tiny frogs and a few scorpions hide under rocks.  Herds of Pronghorn Antelope, Mule Deer and White tail Deer frequently travel across our upper meadows.  We have seen and heard a few coyotes but have also seen scat and tracks from bear, bobcats and mountain lions (but have never seen the animals themselves).  We have seen the occasional mountain goat, oppossum, ringtail,  fox and raccoon.  We have seen a few snakes and tarantulas although they are both in the lower altitudes as we drive toward I-25 on our way to town.  In the summer we have lots of flying insects and a few of them bite.  Our domestic animal partners include two horses and a cat family which keeps mice out of our camp.

There are a few individuals and families who have expressed an interest in joining us which we are open to, however, the transition from on grid living to off grid living is not a simple transition and needs significant thought and preparation. 

If you wish to explore the possibility of joining us Start Here.  That Start Here document with its additional informational links will answer most of your questions and some you never thought to ask.  Pictures below are of our land and a few of our partners.  More pictures are available at  Please check out our blog tab (Transition - A Journal) to learn more about our day to day living but keep in mind we are busy building a life here and do not put much time into blogging or newsletters.




Contact Joyce or Ben by email or telephone: 720-347-7722