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Reconnecting with Nature and Life - A Re-Creating Process

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We in modern societies have allowed our awareness to become disconnected with Nature and Life. We are still connected but only unconsciously.  Without a conscious connection with Nature we lose conscious connection with ourselves and each other and unconsciously create suffering, struggle and lack instead of a life in harmony with Nature's Divine Program.

This book will show you what, where, how, why and when to bring your unconscious connection with Nature and Life back into your conscious awareness and service to your great good and your joy.  You will learn about a process for connecting with your own inner source of information and knowledge, beyond your unconscious limiting programs.  You will learn how to pull your steps and clarity from within rather than from the outer modern programs of "disconnected wisdom" which only disconnects us further from our true creator power.

When I am called on to create major corrections (not simply changes) in my lifestyle I use the process presented in this book.  Here you will apply it to reconnecting with Nature and Life but the same process can be applied to any other major change you desire to design in your life.  In every application it has produced amazing results for myself, my husband and my students.  It is designed to guide you into an amazingly powerful personal life planning and connecting process that takes you through and beyond the maze of unconscious programming to realize personal potentials that will astound you. 

It is written step by step.  As you complete each step you have the information needed to take the next step.  Upon completion of the process you will be astounded to discover the connection, clarity and plan you have allowed for yourself.  And you will be excited to begin living from your expanded direct connection with your Nature and Life.