Sustainable Lifestyles
Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions

offers several varieties of only one product -

Support for Sustainable Living

We provide that support in the following forms: 


Workshops (at our location or yours)      


Construction Workshops

  • Earth structure workshops (compressed earth block, cob)
  • Trash and waste management in a sustainable lifestyles
  • sauna and bath house construction
  • Build a simple solar system and take it home with you (to use as is or to expand into a larger system)


  • Experience a weekend or a week (or more) in one of our sustainable lifestyle demonstration units.
  • Family transition experience and co-creation process

Consulting and Project Managment

  • plan reviews
  • project planning for transition stages
  • home/building assessments & recommendations
  • Solutions planning


  • education
  • lunchtime instruction
  • sustainability fairs
  • work place training for sustainability transition


  • worms sold by the pound.  They are red worms particularly suited to cold climates.  They will quickly transform your food and garden scraps and shredded compostible trash into rich nutritious compost.  Worms live everywhere but it takes a while to build a large community to handle major composting.  Click here to go to catalogue page

Information available on our website

Opportunities - We have openings for partners in our demonstration settlement. 

  • Our partners must want to live on or near our demonstration settlement, build a sustainable home structure for themselves, be aligned with our business and life goals, be passionate about creating and living a sustainable lifestyle.
  • You may need to study a bit to bring yourself up to speed with our project and be able and willing to contribute to supporting sustainable lifestyle transition for the project and for others.
  • You must be willing to commit to the Long Haul, raise your family here, and leave a legacy of a sustainable domain to your heirs. You can be young or old, skilled or unskilled.  Skills are nice but Passion is what counts the most.
  • If you think you might be a good fit for joining our team please contact Joyce or Ben.  Click this link to send an email
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Contact Joyce or Ben by email or telephone: 720-347-7722