ANCHI Crystals and Wraps
My Story of why I've included ANCHI Crystals in this website. 


One family’s experience of using the ANCHI Crystals
My name is Joyce Morris and I bought the first ANCHI Crystals pouch back in June of 2006. I know almost nothing about individual crystals and have never been interested in using crystals in my life generally. However, as of this writing I’ve been using the ANCHI crystals for nearly three years. 
I was keeping a journal of my life at the time I began using the ANCHI crystals and so I made notes of my experiences with them. One day I decided to go through my journal and make a list of all the experiences I’d written down related to using the ANCHI’s. That list is the basis for the results I’ve written about here.  You can read them all if you're interested or you can just scroll down near the bottom to the nutshell version, "General Effects."
Most of these experiences happened in the first three months and are still happening. A few of them have been more recent results. For example, we only recently began using the ANCHI crystals with “intent” although I think I “intended” to get the maximum benefit from the crystals from the beginning. 
I know the ANCHI crystals don’t work exactly the same for everyone. For example they helped my body recover from liver cancer. However, they helped my sister’s body die easier from her liver cancer. My son reports that about 15 of the athletes on his college track team use and love the ANCHI wraps for their shin splints and other injuries, but every now and then we find someone who reports little or no benefit for their shin splints injury. 
At first we thought our interaction and relationship with the crystals didn’t matter but it might. I hope reading about some of my family’s experiences will motivate you to explore ways to use the ANCHI wraps and pouches to make your life more enjoyable and pleasant. If you want to order the crystal pouches or wraps, scroll down to the bottom of this report.
Liver Cancer: At the time I bought the first pouch I had a serious and life threatening liver condition. Looking back I realized I had been aware of the symptoms for at least two years. I began sleeping with the pouch over the most painful spot on my liver. During the day I kept the pouch between my liver and my skirt waist band. Within two weeks all but one of the symptoms were gone. The pain was gone, the hardness of my liver was gone, the lump pushing around my ribs was gone, and most of my extreme tiredness was gone. After one more week with the crystals I had excellent energy and have had ever since. I still had some of the diarrhea for another few months but it was a LOT better.
Sleep: I’d been sleeping erratically for years. When I first started sleeping with the ANCHI crystals, it was three nights before I could sleep with them touching my body all night. I’d feel energy collecting against some blockage in my body. It would become very uncomfortable and I’d have to move them away. On the third night all of the blockages had been cleared and I began sleeping soundly and restfully every night. In the mornings I’d wake up feeling ready to start the day instead of wishing I could sleep longer.
I and my husband both snore but after six weeks with the crystals, we noticed that we either snored less or we were sleeping right through it without waking up - probably a combination of both.
My children also sleep with the crystals and one of them likes to say that sleeping with the crystals is like sleeping in heaven. According to him, sleep in heaven couldn’t possibly be any better than sleep with the ANCHI crystals.
Energy: Before using the ANCHI crystals I had experienced long term extremely poor energy. Even though I had a lot of energy in my twenties and thirties I have always been tired a lot in the afternoon. All during my fifties I experienced exhaustion daily, but all that was corrected within three weeks of sleeping with the crystals. 
After almost four weeks of sleeping with the crystals I was able to attend an eight day business forum with long meetings all day. I stayed up till 1:00, 2:00, and even 4:00 AM, then got up for 7:30 breakfasts everyday with no loss of my balanced strong energy levels. I still have really strong, balanced and enduring energy.
Fingernails: For over thirty hears I have been unable to grow fingernails. They have been so weak that they split and break even from just scratching an itch. They have been too weak even to support artificial fingernails. After four weeks of sleeping with the crystals I noticed my nails growing longer. Now, after over 2.5 years I am still enjoying my stronger fingernails and have even had to file them down several times. They still break off sometimes but they grow faster and are stronger.
Eyesight: After 2 months with the crystals, Both my husband and I noticed our eyesight improving. At times we could see much better but not always consistently at first. Wearing glasses became annoying and we frequently needed to take them off to see better. My husband now never wears his glasses except for night driving. We had an eye exam about a year later. My husband’s left eye was 20-20 and his right eye was 20-40 - dramatic improvements. Both of my lenses were reduced (by one and two diopters) and now, over a year later, my glasses are too strong again.
Sore Throat: The first time I felt a sore throat coming on in the night after I’d been using the ANCHI’s, I moved my pouch of ANCHI crystals to my throat and thymus area. I woke with no sore throat or other symptoms of illness. That was two and a half years ago and I have only had one sore throat and cold since then. It came because the sore throat started when I was away from home for the day without a crystal pouch. When I got home I wrapped a scarf around my neck to hold a pouch on my throat and thymus and even though the sore throat developed into a full respiratory infection, it was very mild and short lived. Now everyone in my family uses the crystals when they feel a cold or flu coming on. We rarely have any illness in our home.
Headaches: My four children and husband have used them to eliminate headaches (I never have headaches). They have all reported having fewer headaches than before the crystals. Just five or ten minutes of the crystals over the most painful area is often enough to eliminate their headache. Some really severe headaches take longer but most leave quickly.
Whiplash Injury: I had a whiplash injury from a car accident two years ago. The major symptoms of that injury were continuous neck and inner shoulder pain, flashing light to the left when I turned my head, sluggish thinking, and weakness, grinding in my neck when I’d move my head in any direction. Chiropractic adjustments didn’t help. After eight weeks with the crystals on the most painful area of my neck, those symptoms were nearly gone. I don’t know when they disappeared entirely but I can’t remember when I last experienced any of those symptoms.
Shin Splints: My oldest set of twins are year round track runners, competing nationally. Both have routinely experienced serious pain from shin splints which generally last for two weeks or more. Whenever they felt the shin splints we began tying a pouch onto the most painful spot on their shins before going to bed. After two nights the pain was gone. The ANCHI wraps made it much easier than the pouches, covering the shin better and the shin splints are now nearly always gone in one night.
Once my son had a shin splint injury that was so bad he had bruising up and down his shins. Walking was excruciatingly painful. That time it took three days to completely heal the injury.
Sore Muscles: All four of our younger children have occasionally applied the pouch to sore muscles after a hard training day. The next day the soreness is gone (it used to stay with them for two or three days). They’ve noticed they can train harder and their athletic performances have improved substantially as a result. 
Stress: Both I and my husband have noticed a dramatic reduction in stressful dreams. He is experiencing consistently vivid and restful dreaming. I most often sleep soundly, unaware of any dreams. 
Exhausted Batteries: I could not jump start a dead battery in my car or even get it to take a charge from a charger. I had made six or eight attempts. My husband and son continued with 15 or more additional attempts. My son decided to place the crystals on the battery for 5 minutes and the battery easily took a full charge and held it. For two full years, every time that battery died because I’d left the lights on, only putting crystals on the battery allowed us to recharge it. 
My watch stopped working and I knew the battery shouldn’t be dead yet. I tried jiggling and wiggling it to no avail. I put the watch on the crystal pouch for five minutes. When I checked it again, it was ticking and has ever since.
My cell phone battery had gotten old and it couldn’t hold a charge for more than one or two short phone calls. I put the phone on the crystals while it charged and it took nearly a full charge. It was good for three days of phone calling before the charge began to deplete. It depleted very slowly over the fourth day. I got over a year’s extra use from that battery before it completely failed to recharge even with the crystals.

Computer Crashes: I keep a pouch on my computer tower because it makes my computer work better. It’s smoother, faster and almost never crashes any more. Prior to the day I put the crystals on the tower, the computer was crashing once or twice daily even though it was fairly new. I have been told the ANCHI’s organize electrical flow and that computer crashes are often caused by conflicting electrical fields surrounding all the wires that enter the computer tower. That same computer is now old, as computers go (over three years old) and it still works well. In the past two and a half years, I’ve experienced maybe four or five times that it has crashed and had to be restarted.
Psychological effects: I am more able to stay on task (focus?) My energy level is constant rather than my old pattern of high/low. I think more clearly. My thinking is more organized and as a result, my office and home are usually more organized. I have a much nicer relationship with myself.
Eating: My eating patterns have changed. It’s hard to say if I eat more or less but I certainly eat differently. I don’t experience “pattern” eating so much anymore (I frequently did prior to sleeping with the crystals). 
Sinuses: For most of my life my sinuses had been a problem for me. After about four weeks of sleeping with the crystals, I realized I hadn’t been “sinusy” for days.  The constant draining down the back of my throat had stopped, the low grade tension or even pain in my sinus areas had ended or been drastically reduced. After over two years, I still have had no “drippy” sinuses, no sinus infections, and no sinus tension.
Bleeding Sinuses: I and one of my sons had been experiencing bleeding sinuses for 12 years. They started suddenly for both of us at about the same time and from then on, came frequently, even daily at times. For a while when one of us experienced a bleeding sinus, we’d hold a pouch over the bridge of our nose until the bleeding stopped. It nearly always stopped quickly. Eventually we noticed that we weren’t having them as often. Then one day I had a bleeding sinus and realized it was the first one in months. Neither I nor my son have had a bleeding sinus for many months now.
Joint Pain: My knee and hip had caused me pain off and on for years. I had to give up mountain climbing twenty years ago because of knee pain. The knee was always weak. After 4 weeks with the crystals I noticed that neither my hip nor my knee had been bothering me going up and down stairs any more. It has not been painful or even felt weak since. In fact I recently hiked up a steep mountain trail for three hours up and two hours down with no pain during or after.
Digestion: My digestion had been deteriorating gradually for years. After the first three weeks of sleeping with the crystals I noticed that I no longer had heartburn, acid reflux, or discomfort of any kind in the digestion process, including intestinal discomfort. (My urine had a strong smell for the first weeks - probably toxin release.) 
My husband and children have also used them to calm down an upset stomach but they rarely ever have that problem any more.
Pulled Muscles: My daughter hurt her leg during hurdle practice. The coach told her it was a common leg muscle injury that hurdlers experience and told her it would take about two to three weeks to heal and she should stop hurdling until it healed. That night she wrapped the injured area in crystals and again the next night. The second morning all pain or sign of injury was gone.
My youngest set of twins are baseball players. When they have pitched too many innings they come home with very sore shoulders and upper arm muscles. They used to ice the muscles for a couple days and stop pitching for a couple games while the muscles healed. We started wrapping them in ANCHI wraps and they noticed nearly immediate relief. They wake up the next morning with full and painless rotation ability in the shoulders.
Carpal Tunnel Pain: I’ve had carpal tunnel pain disappear over night. That was in the early days of using the crystals. I’m an author and I type on the computer for as much as twelve to sixteen hours a day for weeks at a time (when I’m particularly inspired). I was thrilled when I discovered I could make my carpal tunnel pain disappear with the crystals. However, I have been even more thrilled for the past year that I have had NO recurrence of carpal tunnel pain in spite of heavy typing.
Neck Muscle Pain:  I woke up with severe neck pain one day that in the past has taken nearly two weeks to clear up. I wrapped my neck in crystals all day and the next night. By the next morning all pain was gone and there was only a slight stiffness left that took another day to clear up. My husband has had similar fast recoveries from stiff painful neck muscles as well as back muscle spasms.
Fever: My one year old granddaughter came for the day with a fever and looking very “sick.” I hung a small pouch around her neck (over her thymus) and she went to sleep. When she woke up two hours later the fever was gone and she acted very normal with no trace of sickness. 
I was camping with friends when their seven year old son began fussing with a sore throat and headache. He had been feeling sick for a couple hours before he told us and I didn’t know if the crystals would be able to stop the cold symptoms after that long. I loaned them one of my ANCHI neck wraps anyway. In the night he woke up crying and had a very high fever. I tossed them my ANCHI pouch and told them to put it at the top of his head. He went right back to sleep and woke up the next morning with no symptoms of any kind.
Cat Dysentery: The first week of having the crystals in my home, a stray skinny and very sick looking cat came to our door. We took him inside to feed him and set up a temporary litter box for him. He had very bad smelling and serious diarrhea (almost like tea). He clawed at the ANCHI pouch on my lap, pulled it to him and curled around it. For three days he slept curled around the pouch. By the end of the three days, he wasn’t interested in the crystal pouch any more and we noticed that his diarrhea had ended and the bad smell was gone. He still lives with us and is fat and healthy.
Dog craved them: I unconsciously dropped a pouch on the ground outside my car door at a friends home.  A dog from across the street immediately retrieved the pouch and carried it back home. His owner saw it and called out to us to see if it belonged to us. I recognized it and went to get it. The dog fought to keep the pouch and even after the owner gave it back to me, the dog followed me to my car and whined and scratched at the door wanting to get the crystals back. The owner and my friend were amazed because the dog’s behavior was very uncharacteristic.
Plants: I keep a few crystals (eight or ten little crystals) in my watering can that I use to water my plants. Before I started that practice my plants were struggling. They stayed alive but they didn’t thrive. Since I’ve been watering them with crystal water, they are thriving, lush and VERY happy plants. I’ve rescued houseplants that friends were throwing out because they looked too dead to survive. None of those have ever died. They are now gorgeous thick plants that are healthy and strong. The only thing I’ve changed in how I care for my plants is that I now use crystal water.
Whenever I get or give cut flowers I put two or three tiny crystals in the vase. I’ve had cut flowers last me for as long as five weeks. Even when they finally do die, they still have color and shape. They usually don’t get droopy in the same way or turn brown, and they don’t drop petals and leaves as much. 
Sprained ankles and wrists: At the end of the race when my son won the national title in his high school senior year, he sprained his ankle as he crossed the finish line. By the time we picked him up at the airport it was swollen and badly bruised. He had taken his shoe off and could hardly stand to have it touched. I wrapped it with an ANCHI wrap and his tense body and face relaxed. He said, “That feels soooo good.” By morning the swelling and bruising was gone and he walked without a limp. He reported that a slight ache remained. By the next morning even that was gone. Others in the family have had several similar experiences with sprained ankles.
My husband injured his wrist in weight lifting. He had no strength in his hand and his wrist was swollen and very painful. He wrapped an ANCHI wrap around the wrist for two nights. The first morning the swelling was gone and he had normal strength in his hand again. The next morning nearly all of the pain was gone except for a very slight achiness once in a while for the rest of that day.
Muscle cramping: Once in a while someone in our family will get a severe cramp in a muscle. We wrap it in an ANCHI wrap and the muscle calms down very quickly. This has been especially useful for my son who runs track. His heavy training routine sometimes triggers leg cramps so severe they can actually tear muscles. When he can wrap them with the ANCHI wraps, the cramp quickly calms down and he can get back to training with no injury.
Alzheimers Disease: My grandmother died of Alzheimers and my father had Alzheimers when he died. About eight years before I began using the ANCHI crystals I had been noticing similar symptoms. I forgot things I never used to forget. I couldn’t remember words that I used frequently. I would be speaking and unexpectedly said strange things. For example, I might say toaster when I meant to say refrigerator. I sometimes put things in strange places and was often angry. I often forgot what I had said and done. All of those are very typical of early Alzheimers. 
I decided to see if the ANCHI’s could help in this area as well. I began sleeping with an ANCHI pouch on my pillow touching the top of my head. I loved the cool energy that I could feel moving through my brain. Within a few weeks I noticed improvements in nearly all my early Alzheimer-like symptoms. Now, a year and a half later, I virtually never substitute wrong words or put things in unexpected places. I rarely forget what I’ve done or said and my mind is feeling very sharp, clear and present.
Using the ANCHI Crystals with Intent: Recently we began using our intent with the ANCHI crystals, intending for a certain result. Because I had experienced more than just physical effects from using the ANCHI’s I decided to see what the result would be if I intended them to help another person. 
My younger sister was dying of liver cancer that had spread all over her body. Her doctors had stopped chemo-therapy and told her she probably only had six to nine months left. No one in the family was quite sure if she preferred to get well or die. I had given her crystals a year ago when she discovered the cancer but it was already very far developed and spreading rapidly. She lived with constant tremendous pain.
I held an ANCHI Pouch one night and said with deep feeling, “I intend that my sister be blessed in whatever way would be her greatest joy.” Within twenty four hours, she was in the hospital with a blocked intestine. After her surgery she had 48 hours of being alert, and happy. Everyone who loved her was there to see her. At the end of the second day she went to sleep and never fully gained consciousness again. Three days later she died. Considering the extent of her cancer, and the constant pain it caused her, her death was extremely easy, quick and relatively pain free one.
In another pretty dramatic result of intending with the ANCHI crystals, my son who runs track at the University of Tennessee was feeling very frustrated with his race times. He was training with another student (a senior) who had won the World Competition in his event and competed at the Olympics Pre-trials. My son (a freshman) was feeling hopeless about ever being able to run as well. I had told him about using intent with the crystals and he wrapped one of his longer ANCHI wraps around his head with the intent of getting his frustration and hopelessness cleared up. Two days later at track practice he ran faster than the Olympic athlete and faster than another senior he had never been able to beat - not just once but over and over in several practice races.
General Effects: I have spoken of specific ways I and my family have used the ANCHI crystals products but the result of using them is so much more than specifics. They have a very large result in broad areas of my experience. 
I have excellent and abundant energy routinely. I am healthier than I remember ever being. I consistently feel strong and vibrant - in some ways even more than when I was 30 years younger. I used to be a hot tempered Irish woman but I am rarely angry or upset anymore. If something does upset me once in a while, it doesn’t last but a few seconds or minutes. I am happier. I am more comfortable in my body and with myself than ever in my life. I am more interested in life and people. I am more aware and clear headed than maybe ever in my life. 
 A couple friends and I were recently taking about major things going on in my life lately.  One commented on my great websites.  Another mentioned a huge multi-million dollar grant funding a huge project I'm developing for several settlements that will demonstrate infinitely sustainable lifestyles.  We talked about a 9 book series that I'm initiating.  I responded with, "Who is this lady doing all this stuff?!"  We all agreed that even two years ago I was completely incapable of any of these accomplishments and was not even a person who would dream of doing them.
Is any or all of that related to the effect the ANCHI Crystals’ field has on my physical and subtle bodies? Who can say for sure? I can definitely say that the evidence in my life is overwhelmingly in favor of the beneficial effects of the ANCHI Crystals.

I fully agree with a friend of mine who says, “If some disaster should happen and I would have to leave with only what I could carry, I’d make sure I leave with my ANCHI crystals.”   If a pouch tears and some crystals fall out, I search for every single one. If I notice a tiny crystal laying on the floor or my bed, I carefully retrieve it and put it back into a pouch. They are extremely valuable to me - the most valuable things I own.


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